Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Last Saturday I got home from hiking a mountain with friends (yes, a blog complete with pictures is forthcoming) and discovered that Princess was on a story kick. And in our house, you don't just read stories or tell stories, you also write stories.

I am so proud. *sniff*

Sit back and enjoy Tales of a Six Year Old Imagination, by Princess Theler.

1. The Magic Ball

Once upon a time there was a dog who was playing with a magic ball. When he rolled the ball cats came out of it. When he bounced the ball water came out of it. He chased the cats and he drank the water. When he bit the ball paper airplanes came out of it. Then he went inside to sleep.

2. The Shop

Once upon a time there was a boy named Turbo* and a girl named Princess*, who wanted to start a shop. So they went and they got some wood and some nails and Turbo got the hammer. So they built the shop. Then they got some toys and some clothes. People came. Then Turbo and Princess got rich.

*names have been changed to protect privacy

3. Unnamed

Once upon a time there was a starfish who was looking for a friend. He looked and looked for a friend. He found a friend named Flippy. They played and they played. Then they got tired. Then they fell asleep. The next day the woke up then they ran and ran. They they got married and they had a baby.

4. Me and My Dad

My dad is so nice and I love him so much and he loves me so much.

*illustrated with a stick figure dad and stick figure daughter holding hands next to a large, orange heart.

5. Princess's Wish

Once upon a time there was a girl named Princess who wanted to meet a princess named Cinderella. There was many people. Princess was waiting until Cinderella said, "Princess? Come here. Let's do a makeover." When they were done there was spiderwebs all over the castle. Cinderella said there was a spiderweb spray on the mountains. So they went and got the spiderwebs spray and they sprayed the castle and Princess became a hero.

6. Untitled

Once upon a time there was a girl named Princess who had a magic cat. When she petted the cat it made another cat. When she chased the cat it went "meow" over and over. When she fell asleep the cat fell asleep.

7. Rainbows - a picture book
(illustrated in full color)

Rainbows are pretty. Rainbows are up in the sky. Rainbows are made out of water and dust.

The End

I love it that Princess makes her own books. I think she's been watching me. :) And I know there are more stories than that around the house, but those are all I can find at the moment. And it's so much cuter seeing it in her writing, but I'm too lazy to scan everything in.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

RedRock Wrapup

It's time to wrap up the RedRock Relay (which we're already planning on running again next year - yea!). Our van's turn was up and we drove through the beautiful Kolob area of Zion's National Park to the next van exchange in lovely La Verkin. Get ready for some absolutely gorgeous pics! I had a hard time deciding which ones to post, so I'm posting a lot of them. :)

This terrain reminded me a lot of where I grew up. *sniff*

The road less traveled...

Notice the dark clouds in the background? That's a nasty hail storm we just missed. (I found out about it in the middle of the night when we ran into a friend who had to run through it.) The weather for the whole race was just crazy!

You know why we're so happy? Cause we're not the ones running in 94 degree heat. (Poor Jenny.)

Not only is this a cool pic, but I had to capture the misspelled sign. (Sorry, writer-nerdiness.) I know for a fact the ones organizing the race were suffering from worse sleep deprivation than any of us.

Leaving Zion's...

... and on to the important stuff, like FOOD!

This was after we went to a grocery store, bought a few cases of bottled water, and got several strange looks as we laughed uncontrollably about counting items in the shopping cart ahead of us. Trust me, you had to be there.

Next up, some attempted sleep and then running in the middle of the night--with more crazy weather.

It started out hot and muggy, then progressed to a sprinkle, then a spectacular two-hour lightning storm across the middle of nowhere desert.

I tried and tried to get a picture of the amazing lightning, but my little camera couldn't catch it. I haven't seen a storm like that in years.

And then just before I was to start my relay leg, the heavens opened and dumped buckets and buckets of water. I was sopping in 5 seconds flat and ran in a literal stream of water running down the side of the road. My headlamp and visor kept slipping into my eyes because I was so wet they couldn't stay on. You'll notice the lack of pictures as my teammates stayed mostly dry in the car.

After a glorious hot shower and two hours of sleep in a real bed (thanks Elaine's aunt & uncle!), we were ready to head out again to finish the race.

The other van was very happy to be finished with their part.

Why yes, that is another hill...

More scenery that reminds me of where I grew up. *sniff again*

This is me starting on my last leg, which was the most beautiful, amazing, gorgeous 4.3 miles I have ever run. Hands down!

I don't have any pictures of Snow Canyon itself, because I was flying so fast the van barely caught up to me in time.

Okay, that's perhaps a *little* exaggeration, but I did run pretty fast. Gotta love downhill. :)

Here we are at the finish line. Not first, but not last either. And sooo happy to be there.

Van #2

Moms Run Amok *will* be back!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Having a Box of a Time

The other day I heard Princess and several of the neighbor kids having a great time outside. I peeked out a window to see what had them so enthralled.

It was 3 boxes. That's right--boxes.

They were having tons of fun with simple, brown, cardboard boxes.

(This is probably my favorite pic.)

I wonder if we adults are over-thinking this whole buy-expensive-toys thing.

The upcoming Christmas list at our house is going to be seriously revamped.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Boxes of doom

There they are. Sitting on my desk. Taunting me.

They aren't big, or even heavy or ugly. But just looking at them makes me shudder. Why should I be so afraid of boxes? I'm a grown woman, for heaven's sake. I've run up and down mountains and given birth to --count them--three children!

These boxes should mean nothing to me.

I chant to myself, It's okay, it's okay. I close my eyes, take a deep breath, and randomly grab one.

It's okay.

I hold it with one hand and shake it. It doesn't rattle or make a noise. The insides are packed tightly. I open my eyes. I've got the red one, which is actually more hot-pink.

I grasp the pull-tab. With a ripping sound that echoes the ripping in my heart, I open the box. It's all over--I can't return it now.

It's okay. It's okay.

With a small shake the contents slide onto the desk with a bubble-wrapped thunk.

It's okay. It's... No. It's not okay. Are you serious? I paid a small fortune for that?!

It's freaking not okay at all! How can they even look at themselves in the mirror while they rip people off like this?!

I'm not talking about lawyers, or even those people who rip you off with all those obscure mortgage fees. I'm talking about the criminal nature of the printer ink business!

And what's up with the whole your-printer-can't-print-in-just-black-if-the-color-cartridges-are-empty-even-though-the-black-one-is-almost-completely-full piece of crap? I'm curious how somehow all 3 of my colors ran out at the same time. It's a conspiracy, I tell you!!

And we switched to a laser printer after I almost went postal on the ink jets. Have you priced laser printer cartridges lately? They sell to the tune of $72. PER CARTRIDGE!!!

But at least they provide you with a nice mailing label so you can send the old cartridge back in the box to recycle it. Gee, thanks.

Thanks for a whole lot of nothing!

*You'll have to excuse the rant, but I and my household budget are still reeling from the trip to Office Depot.*

Saturday, September 12, 2009

RedRock Relay - beyond the Tweets

I know it took me a while, but here are pics and commentary from the RedRock Relay from last weekend.

2 days
187 miles
8000 ft. descent

I was in Van #2, so the first van went up Thursday night to be ready for our teams early start time. We left early Friday morning and briefly stopped at the start.

The ladies of Van #2.

Then we hurried through some gorgeous scenery:

Yes, this is taken out the window of a moving car. We didn't have cell phone service so we had no idea how far the first van had gotten and we didn't want to be late.

Once we found the others in gorgeous Cedar Breaks National Monument, we stopped for a few minutes to decorate.

The binky was Annette's baby genius idea. And believe it or not that thing stayed on the whole time and halfway home on the freeway!

Almost the whole team (except for the one running and the one about to run).

Our first set of runs included Mt. Diablo (someone spray painted the picture of a devil on the road). The runners were happy for the overcast sky and sprinkle of rain.

Did I mention more gorgeous scenery?? I love the desert.

My van assured me this 7.6 miles was a beautiful run. I'm afraid I was too busy trying not to slip on the gravel and figuring out breathing in the higher altitude to fully appreciate it. As you can see the sun came out for my run.

And there were a few hills. (Notice the teeny tiny runner in red in the upper right hand corner.)

I'm not sure what this means. She was the fastest runner, so maybe it's the secret to her super speed...

More gorgeousness.

Say hello to the curious cows who crossed the road along with the runners. Not everyone can say they ran with the cows. Moo!

I just decided I better do the race in two installments so the post doesn't get too long. Look for more running tales, more breathtaking scenery, and more silliness as sleep deprivation really hits.

Friday, September 11, 2009


Today, please take a moment to remember...

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sleep Deprivation and Texting

This last weekend I ran in the RedRock Relay and in the fraction of the 31 hours we were running that I actually had cell phone service I texted Twitter and Facebook status updates. Once I got home I looked at my updates and realized that sleep deprivation does, indeed, affect texting as well.

For those who maybe don't stalk Twitter or Facebook, here's the list:

Soccer, sleep, and then on to another 180 mile relay race tomorrow & Saturday. Look for the tweets!

We're on the road to get to the race. The first 6 runners are already going. Our turn in a few hours. Yahoo!

Our team name is Moms Run Amok. We're thinking of running in aprons. 180 mile relay is quite the girl's weekend!

Second pit stop in 2 1/2 hours. My teammates will probably regret having me in their van.

Our team is doing great! And I'm thrilled to finally have cell phone reception. Gorgeous scenery and cloud cover so it's cool.

For some updates. No service for 5 hours. Running in high altitude has slowed everyone down so we're an hour later than projected.

Kudos to those in van #1 who just started running a few months ago. They had some killer legs! Oh look. It's raining.

My first leg in about 20 minutes. 7.6 miles of rolling hills. But its not 100 degree heat. Hallelujah!

Holy crap a moley! Tiffany's leg is way harder than it looked on paper. It just keeps going up! And up. And up.

This is real back country. We have service once again but who knows for how long. The sun came out for my run.

My run was harder than I thought it would be mostly because it was all dirt road and/or mud. And sun. But it's over & I did good!

The cattle guards and cow herd crossing the road with the runners sure add to the ambiance. Moo!

And just for my mom- I didn't run as fast as I can. ;)

We drove through a small section of Zion's National Park and it is soo beautiful!

T-Mobile service down here stinks.

The hopping town of La Verkin is T-Mobile friendly. But don't call me. We're sleeping. Only 4 more hours until we run again.

No, we're not drunk. That's exhaustion making us laugh insanely over nothing. It's only going to get worse esp w Elaine.

Forget sleep. The lure of food is too strong. It's a full on meal in the parking lot.

Amazing how much more human you feel with a change of clothes & using a toothbrush.

The hum of another team's motor home next to us almost drowns out the traffic noise enough to sleep. Almost.

Inside the motor home they're baking a cake. I wonder which flavor won the debate they were having earlier.

An older runner from the motor home team took a wrong turn & begged for Gatorade from us after a 6 mile detour.

We gladly shared. I wonder if that means we can have a piece of cake. Or use their shower. I'll take shower.

We're more than halfway through. It's almost time for our night runs. The rest of the teams have caught up to us.

For our team we left behind 12 husbands 46 kids 12 fish 4 frogs 3 dogs 2 birds 2 guinea pigs 1 cat 1 hamster 1 gecko & 1 snail.

I ran into some people I know & apparently we just missed a super nasty hail storm & torrential downpour.

Our night runs are going good. It cooled down with a great lightning storm off in the distance. But here comes the rain. . .

The rain is coming down. Just in time for my run. Lovely! Annette did fantastic in the pouring rain.

Our van is all done with our second leg! Now we're crashing for a few hours @ teammates aunt & uncles house.

A hill on an altitude graph is different than looking at the road & knowing you have to run from here to are you kidding there.

Whoever clocked some of those relay legs was way off. Two of our legs were up to a mile longer than we were told.

Two hours of sleep in a real bed is heaven! We're ready to run again (at least that's what we're telling ourselves).

The sun is shining & it's almost our van's turn again. Such pretty country!

The metropolis of Gunlock doesn't like T-Mobile either. So sorry for the 8 tweets that will probably come through at the same time.

Perhaps the best story is Natalie's pitch black run @ 3:30 on a trail alone w the psycho homeless hit telling at runners. **Supposed to be psycho homeless man yelling at runners**

The town of Veyo - boasting a cafe and Sinclair station - reminds me a little of my home town. And no cell service here either.

Just FYI there is no animal control in Veyo. You just have to outrun the little dog w a Napoleon complex stalking the port a potty.

I just inhaled a bug. I'm serious! Half our van is finished.

I'm up in about 30 minutes I'm running down the gorgeous Snow Canyon. Over 4 miles downhill. Nice!

Putting on still-soggy shoes. *squish* *squish*

Yes! Finally some call service. Minutes from my run. Are you on the other side! **Supposed to say: Finally some cell service. Minutes from my run. See you on the other side!**

My run was breathtaking!! And all downhill. I flew! Now a few minutes from the finish line.

My relay team, Moms Run Amok, is awesome! We're now eating lots of food. Singing out from the Redrock Relay. **Supposed to say: Signing Off from the RedRock Relay**

The next post will be pictures and stories, so get ready!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Forget the Tooth Fairy, I want a Dishes Fairy

Why should children get all the supernatural fun?

I hereby petition the universe for help for grown ups. How about:

  • A Dishes Fairy - she (or he, I don't care what gender) visits kitchens of good little moms and dads while their sleeping and cleans all the dishes with a wave of his/her wand
  • A Taxes Fairy
  • A Whining Elf - if the kids whine then their mouth gets magically glued shut for at least 10 minutes
  • A Bathroom-Cleaning Fairy
  • A Jolly old elf with reindeer who will do my grocery shopping--and ad match!
  • A Homework Fairy - must be impervious to whining
  • A Car Washing Bunny
  • A Lego-Scooping Pixie - who will find all those nearly invisible ones that I don't see until I step on them in bare feet in the dark
  • A Weeding Elf
  • A Laundry Folding Fairy
  • A Diaper Changing Fairy
  • A Hunt Down My Kids Wherever They Are in the Neighborhood Bunny
How about it? Any of you think these sound better than the Tooth Fairy?