Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Having a Box of a Time

The other day I heard Princess and several of the neighbor kids having a great time outside. I peeked out a window to see what had them so enthralled.

It was 3 boxes. That's right--boxes.

They were having tons of fun with simple, brown, cardboard boxes.

(This is probably my favorite pic.)

I wonder if we adults are over-thinking this whole buy-expensive-toys thing.

The upcoming Christmas list at our house is going to be seriously revamped.


Hannah said...

awww how cute! ^_^

Deborah said...

One Christmas my brother, my sister and I walked into a room filled with empty boxes and paper tubes of every size (you know the kinds of tubes that newspaper, carpets, and other things come on). The boxes and tubes were used for ships, cars, flying vehicles, castles and caves for weeks.

mindy sincich said...

It is funny how kids love to play in boxes!

Jack said...

Boxes are such a good toy - the was always one of the things about moving that the kids loved.