Saturday, September 12, 2009

RedRock Relay - beyond the Tweets

I know it took me a while, but here are pics and commentary from the RedRock Relay from last weekend.

2 days
187 miles
8000 ft. descent

I was in Van #2, so the first van went up Thursday night to be ready for our teams early start time. We left early Friday morning and briefly stopped at the start.

The ladies of Van #2.

Then we hurried through some gorgeous scenery:

Yes, this is taken out the window of a moving car. We didn't have cell phone service so we had no idea how far the first van had gotten and we didn't want to be late.

Once we found the others in gorgeous Cedar Breaks National Monument, we stopped for a few minutes to decorate.

The binky was Annette's baby genius idea. And believe it or not that thing stayed on the whole time and halfway home on the freeway!

Almost the whole team (except for the one running and the one about to run).

Our first set of runs included Mt. Diablo (someone spray painted the picture of a devil on the road). The runners were happy for the overcast sky and sprinkle of rain.

Did I mention more gorgeous scenery?? I love the desert.

My van assured me this 7.6 miles was a beautiful run. I'm afraid I was too busy trying not to slip on the gravel and figuring out breathing in the higher altitude to fully appreciate it. As you can see the sun came out for my run.

And there were a few hills. (Notice the teeny tiny runner in red in the upper right hand corner.)

I'm not sure what this means. She was the fastest runner, so maybe it's the secret to her super speed...

More gorgeousness.

Say hello to the curious cows who crossed the road along with the runners. Not everyone can say they ran with the cows. Moo!

I just decided I better do the race in two installments so the post doesn't get too long. Look for more running tales, more breathtaking scenery, and more silliness as sleep deprivation really hits.

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Carolyn said...

I'm still amazed that you enjoy doing this - it sounds like torture to me! But, I'm glad you had a good time.