Thursday, September 24, 2009

RedRock Wrapup

It's time to wrap up the RedRock Relay (which we're already planning on running again next year - yea!). Our van's turn was up and we drove through the beautiful Kolob area of Zion's National Park to the next van exchange in lovely La Verkin. Get ready for some absolutely gorgeous pics! I had a hard time deciding which ones to post, so I'm posting a lot of them. :)

This terrain reminded me a lot of where I grew up. *sniff*

The road less traveled...

Notice the dark clouds in the background? That's a nasty hail storm we just missed. (I found out about it in the middle of the night when we ran into a friend who had to run through it.) The weather for the whole race was just crazy!

You know why we're so happy? Cause we're not the ones running in 94 degree heat. (Poor Jenny.)

Not only is this a cool pic, but I had to capture the misspelled sign. (Sorry, writer-nerdiness.) I know for a fact the ones organizing the race were suffering from worse sleep deprivation than any of us.

Leaving Zion's...

... and on to the important stuff, like FOOD!

This was after we went to a grocery store, bought a few cases of bottled water, and got several strange looks as we laughed uncontrollably about counting items in the shopping cart ahead of us. Trust me, you had to be there.

Next up, some attempted sleep and then running in the middle of the night--with more crazy weather.

It started out hot and muggy, then progressed to a sprinkle, then a spectacular two-hour lightning storm across the middle of nowhere desert.

I tried and tried to get a picture of the amazing lightning, but my little camera couldn't catch it. I haven't seen a storm like that in years.

And then just before I was to start my relay leg, the heavens opened and dumped buckets and buckets of water. I was sopping in 5 seconds flat and ran in a literal stream of water running down the side of the road. My headlamp and visor kept slipping into my eyes because I was so wet they couldn't stay on. You'll notice the lack of pictures as my teammates stayed mostly dry in the car.

After a glorious hot shower and two hours of sleep in a real bed (thanks Elaine's aunt & uncle!), we were ready to head out again to finish the race.

The other van was very happy to be finished with their part.

Why yes, that is another hill...

More scenery that reminds me of where I grew up. *sniff again*

This is me starting on my last leg, which was the most beautiful, amazing, gorgeous 4.3 miles I have ever run. Hands down!

I don't have any pictures of Snow Canyon itself, because I was flying so fast the van barely caught up to me in time.

Okay, that's perhaps a *little* exaggeration, but I did run pretty fast. Gotta love downhill. :)

Here we are at the finish line. Not first, but not last either. And sooo happy to be there.

Van #2

Moms Run Amok *will* be back!

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Jack said...

Looks like an amazing experience - we really admire you and Jason for doing these relays.