Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sleep Deprivation and Texting

This last weekend I ran in the RedRock Relay and in the fraction of the 31 hours we were running that I actually had cell phone service I texted Twitter and Facebook status updates. Once I got home I looked at my updates and realized that sleep deprivation does, indeed, affect texting as well.

For those who maybe don't stalk Twitter or Facebook, here's the list:

Soccer, sleep, and then on to another 180 mile relay race tomorrow & Saturday. Look for the tweets!

We're on the road to get to the race. The first 6 runners are already going. Our turn in a few hours. Yahoo!

Our team name is Moms Run Amok. We're thinking of running in aprons. 180 mile relay is quite the girl's weekend!

Second pit stop in 2 1/2 hours. My teammates will probably regret having me in their van.

Our team is doing great! And I'm thrilled to finally have cell phone reception. Gorgeous scenery and cloud cover so it's cool.

For some updates. No service for 5 hours. Running in high altitude has slowed everyone down so we're an hour later than projected.

Kudos to those in van #1 who just started running a few months ago. They had some killer legs! Oh look. It's raining.

My first leg in about 20 minutes. 7.6 miles of rolling hills. But its not 100 degree heat. Hallelujah!

Holy crap a moley! Tiffany's leg is way harder than it looked on paper. It just keeps going up! And up. And up.

This is real back country. We have service once again but who knows for how long. The sun came out for my run.

My run was harder than I thought it would be mostly because it was all dirt road and/or mud. And sun. But it's over & I did good!

The cattle guards and cow herd crossing the road with the runners sure add to the ambiance. Moo!

And just for my mom- I didn't run as fast as I can. ;)

We drove through a small section of Zion's National Park and it is soo beautiful!

T-Mobile service down here stinks.

The hopping town of La Verkin is T-Mobile friendly. But don't call me. We're sleeping. Only 4 more hours until we run again.

No, we're not drunk. That's exhaustion making us laugh insanely over nothing. It's only going to get worse esp w Elaine.

Forget sleep. The lure of food is too strong. It's a full on meal in the parking lot.

Amazing how much more human you feel with a change of clothes & using a toothbrush.

The hum of another team's motor home next to us almost drowns out the traffic noise enough to sleep. Almost.

Inside the motor home they're baking a cake. I wonder which flavor won the debate they were having earlier.

An older runner from the motor home team took a wrong turn & begged for Gatorade from us after a 6 mile detour.

We gladly shared. I wonder if that means we can have a piece of cake. Or use their shower. I'll take shower.

We're more than halfway through. It's almost time for our night runs. The rest of the teams have caught up to us.

For our team we left behind 12 husbands 46 kids 12 fish 4 frogs 3 dogs 2 birds 2 guinea pigs 1 cat 1 hamster 1 gecko & 1 snail.

I ran into some people I know & apparently we just missed a super nasty hail storm & torrential downpour.

Our night runs are going good. It cooled down with a great lightning storm off in the distance. But here comes the rain. . .

The rain is coming down. Just in time for my run. Lovely! Annette did fantastic in the pouring rain.

Our van is all done with our second leg! Now we're crashing for a few hours @ teammates aunt & uncles house.

A hill on an altitude graph is different than looking at the road & knowing you have to run from here to are you kidding there.

Whoever clocked some of those relay legs was way off. Two of our legs were up to a mile longer than we were told.

Two hours of sleep in a real bed is heaven! We're ready to run again (at least that's what we're telling ourselves).

The sun is shining & it's almost our van's turn again. Such pretty country!

The metropolis of Gunlock doesn't like T-Mobile either. So sorry for the 8 tweets that will probably come through at the same time.

Perhaps the best story is Natalie's pitch black run @ 3:30 on a trail alone w the psycho homeless hit telling at runners. **Supposed to be psycho homeless man yelling at runners**

The town of Veyo - boasting a cafe and Sinclair station - reminds me a little of my home town. And no cell service here either.

Just FYI there is no animal control in Veyo. You just have to outrun the little dog w a Napoleon complex stalking the port a potty.

I just inhaled a bug. I'm serious! Half our van is finished.

I'm up in about 30 minutes I'm running down the gorgeous Snow Canyon. Over 4 miles downhill. Nice!

Putting on still-soggy shoes. *squish* *squish*

Yes! Finally some call service. Minutes from my run. Are you on the other side! **Supposed to say: Finally some cell service. Minutes from my run. See you on the other side!**

My run was breathtaking!! And all downhill. I flew! Now a few minutes from the finish line.

My relay team, Moms Run Amok, is awesome! We're now eating lots of food. Singing out from the Redrock Relay. **Supposed to say: Signing Off from the RedRock Relay**

The next post will be pictures and stories, so get ready!


matty said...

I loved reading your report. I loved seeing your team and think its great that you were able to all have a "mom-cation" You looked like you were having a blast!! Hopefully all the kids are ok and life has gotten back to normal. We'll save you a spot for next year!

matt ward (race director)

Deborah said...

Wow. I got only about two thirds of those Tweets. Interesting to read what I missed.

A Musing Mom (Taylorclan6) said...

Enjoyed the twitter. I'm going to read it again when I am at least 36 hours sleep deprived. Jene said it was beyond hilarious. Especially Holy crapa moly.