Saturday, October 3, 2009

My Kids Are Like Horses

Yes, my kids sometimes walk on all fours. And when Princess dresses up in her Hawaiian grass skirt you'd think a horse was eating hay in her room, but I'm referring to a specific way my kids are like horses.

Sugar cubes.

Some of you may not have had the joy yet of building a 3D model of one of the Seven Wonders of the World out of sugar cubes. Lucky for us, we've reached this milestone of life!

We are now the proud owners of a 2 1/2 foot high (slightly crooked) sugar cube model of the Lighthouse of Alexandria!

Artist's depiction of the lighthouse.

And our lighthouse.

But, as Professor was sure to point out to me, it can't be too perfect. It has to be sixth grade work.

I learned something about my children during this process. They have as much of a fascination with sugar cubes as do horses. The boxes of cubes on the counter were like black holes of temptation, sucking them over to stare with longing and pester me with questions.

"Mom, can we open them?" "I just want to see what they look like!" "Can I taste one?" "I just want to see them." "Can't we just look?" "What do they feel like?" "What do they taste like?"

My daughter even went so far as to shake the box of cubes so that grains of sugar would fall out, and then she would lick the sugar off the counter top. I wish I were kidding.

And then when we actually *opened* the first box to start making the model--the joy! The rapture! The requests to eat "just one"!

I did let them each have a cube. You'd think it was the greatest thing since... well ... sugar.

Lucky for us, we still have half a box left.

Maybe I should give them away as Christmas presents.


Hannah said...

lol that's great! Your model looks pretty cool, too!

Lori-ann said...

Oh my goodness.. I'm totally chuckling. The sad thing is I can fully hear and see your kids doing that. I bet it drove you up the wall!

"It can't be perfect. It's a 6th grade project, after all." Like he made it less perfect just because it would seem like it wasn't made by him. So like your oldest!

Deborah said...

I remember sugar cubes.... *a-hem* They melt. Just saying.

Carolyn said...

It is always amazing to me how parents have children with such different tastes. I'm sorry Jamie - the sugar tooth must come fromthe Theler side of the family.