Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My Weird TV Habits

Other people may watch reality shows, or dramas, or even sitcoms. If I do watch TV--and that's pretty rare--it's usually something like:

In Dirty Jobs the host goes out and spends a day "on the job" at the dirtiest jobs imaginable. Some of my favorites are when he cleaned out a huge tank at a sewage treatment plant and was hip deep in you-know-what, when he ground up fish bones & guts to make the special food at a maggot farm, and when he helped along the breeding process at a turkey farm.

Depending on the day I might watch this instead:

Man Vs. Wild - a crazy British ex-special forces man shows you how to survive in the most extreme conditions. And just about every episode involves him using his pants as flotation devices. So if I have to sky dive from a helicopter onto a remote, deserted island, I better be wearing pants. And have a knife.

Or maybe I'll watch:

Survivorman is Man Vs. Wild on crack and without the camera crew or British accent. If I got stuck in the wilderness with any other person on the planet, it would have to be this guy. And Jason. So I guess I'd have to be stuck with two other people. On second thought if it was one other person then it would have to be my hubby, because then at least we could starve or die of exposure together, right?

And really the only reason for this whole post is because I had to find some way to tie in to this poster:

Ha ha ha ha!

(And now everyone knows I'm a Survival/Lord of the Rings Nerd.)


Beeswax said...

Now you are making me miss cable. We got rid of it cause my 8 year old daughter was starting to sound like iCarly/Hannah Montana/ Drake and Josh; that is, snotty.

Bear is the hottest of the group, but I don't like how he likes to pick up live animals and eat chunks out of them. I mean, really.

C. K. Bryant said...

I totally love stuff like this. My husband watch these all the time. We also like Deadliest Catch and Ice Road Warriors. You're normal.

Deborah said...

I love love love Top Gear. It's the quirkiest program on TV. It makes me laugh.