Sunday, February 7, 2010

Those teaching moments

In parenting you often hear about taking advantage of the Teaching Moments. Wouldn't it be nice if life had a notification sound for when it is a Teaching Moment, like when you get a text? You know, you could be in the middle of juggling homework, dinner, and a phone conversation. Then from the air you hear Beep-Beep-Bedeep. And instantly you know this is a Teaching Moment.

I think the newest iPhone should have that feature--a Teaching Moment App. (Steve Jobs, contact me later and we'll chat.)

Even though I don't have a Teaching Moment notification, I did manage to catch a Teaching Moment a few weeks ago. It was a "Teach the Evils of Buying Things on Credit" Teaching Moment. It went over like a lead balloon, but Teaching Moments are often like that.

Professor and Turbo love the video game system they got for Christmas, but since the system cost so much, they didn't get a lot of other games to go with it. One day, Professor wanted to go to the used game store and spend some of his saved allowance money. He approached Turbo with the idea of splitting the cost of the game, and then both could play it. This would have been a great idea except Turbo spends his allowance as quickly as his lungs convert oxygen into carbon dioxide.

It was discovered that Turbo did not have enough money to pay for half of the game. In order for him to be able to play it, he had to pony up half the price, which he didn't have. Turbo approached the bank (i.e. mom) to see if he could borrow against his next allowance payment. Mom thought for a moment about the state of the world's economies because of rampant debt, and said, "No."

The weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth began.

And, as happens in Teaching Moments such as this, Turbo did not appreciate the comment that next time he wants to blow $6 on a bowl of Dippin' Dots, maybe he should reconsider what else that $6 could buy. Good thing Turbo doesn't actually have laser vision, or mom would have gone up in flames.

But I bet he thinks twice about those Dippin' Dots next time.


Buyog said...

HA! I love it... so, so true.

And for the record, if there was a Teaching Moment app, I might actually consider buying an iPhone. That would be really handy.

Tavia said...

HILARIOUS! I love your way with words.

Grandma Carolyn said...

Jaime you are so good with words! I could just see Ian's expression as you described it!