Monday, May 31, 2010

Potpourri of Theler happenings

It's been so long since I blogged regularly that the next few times might be a bit hodge podge as I try to share what's been happening. And what better way to do that that with a list? (Yea for lists!)

1. Most recently, Turbo reached a childhood/parenting milestone: he hit a golf ball through a neighbor's window. Quote: "It never went that far when I used my own golf clubs!" Yes, he was using daddy's clubs. (Don't worry, it was with permission.)

2. Professor got his feet wet in the wonderful world of Shakespeare. He played the part of Horatio in his class's (very abridged) production of Hamlet.

Hamlet's death scene. Professor is the one not about to croak.

In carpool one day I got the 6th grade view on Hamlet. "I'm like, the only one who doesn't die." Then all the kids joined in a chant that had apparently been said before. Professor listed a character, and the other children pronounced his/her fate. Hamlet: dead. Claudius: dead. Gertrude: dead. Ophelia: dead. Rosencrantz: dead. Gildenstern: dead. Polonius: dead. Laertes: dead.

3. Jason was awarded the PTA Principal of the Year for the state this year. Here's a newspaper article about it, plus a great picture. (Hands off, he's mine!) He was embarrassed. I even saw him blush, which doesn't happen very often. When neighbors asked what cool prize he got, they were way impressed when I told them he got a plaque. With his name on it, even.

Note: He is an awesome principal, who does all sorts of fun things, like sleep on top of the school, swim in green jello, and wrestle in a Sumo costume.

4. Dad & the boys had a great time at the Father & Sons campout. The kids played several camping-type boy games, complete with war paint.

I think the dads had just as much, if not more fun, than the boys. After all, it's so boring to start a fire with matches or anything "normal." No, it's way better to rig up a rocket on a line to shoot right into a massive tower of gasoline soaked wood so that it explodes in flame.

5. I survived the writers conference that I was in charge of. We had 450+ attendees and it was a smashing success. In fact, it went so well they asked me to do it again for 2011. I said yes.

6. We welcomed a new nephew into the family. Now when my kids beg for a baby, we can babysit baby J. (I'm liking that plan.)

7. I am neck deep in serious rewrites for my latest book. And if you don't know what serious rewrites look like, here's a peek of one scene. Note the lack of much type-written sections (which would be my rough draft).

8. School is out for the summer. And in the fall Professor will go to Jr. High! It's official: I'm old.

9. Jason and I went for a week-long trip to New York for a relay race, to visit friends, and spend a little time in the city. Pictures and full narrative to follow in a future blog post.

10. We finally gave in and let Princess get a pet. She was the proud owner of 2 goldfish she bought with her very own money. She named them Ben and Lisa. Ben is doing well, but Lisa not so well. Lisa the First died, much to Princess' dismay. A few days later, Lisa the Second followed in the footsteps of her predecessor. Lisa the Third was also found belly up after a couple days in the Fish Bowl of Death.

And still Ben swims around and around, looking far too innocent.

We've decided Ben is a Serial Killer goldfish, and will have to live out the rest of his days alone.

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Grandma Carolyn said...

Well as always your blogs are fun to read. The picture of Jason is great! You will notice on my blog how unexciting my post about Brennan and his part in Hamlet is compared to yours! Poor Lisa, she has had a difficult time.