Wednesday, August 18, 2010

New York trip, Part 1 (3 months later)

I'm a little late (ok, 3 months late) in sharing about the little jaunt the hubby and I took to New York. Things are calm for the moment in the Theler House of Chaos, so I thought I'd try and get caught up. (Oh, the pressure! I must be witty to make up for my many months of neglect. *stress*)

Drum Roll...

Our Trip to New York

The main excuse reason we planned the trip was to run in the New York Ragnar relay race. We even talked four other friends into going with us. The race began at Woodstock and ended some 180+ miles in Yonkers. As a bonus, the race was close to where Jason spent his high school years, and so he wanted to visit the area and people. So here's the photo montage of Jason reminiscing about where he grew up.

*sigh* The bridges...

*sigh* The house where he used to live, complete with the basketball hoop of many fond memories. The house was actually up for sale.
Sorry, sweetie. Don't even think it.

*sigh* The endless photos of the woods.

Explanation: I needed pictures to help me out with the setting of my Enchanted Forest. Forgive me if we have, ahem, almost as many photos of the forest as of the race. Tell me you don't feel "Enchanted Forest" immediately from these pictures. Okay, I plead temporary insanity from so much green vegetation. We don't have a lot of that where I live.

We enjoyed our visit with the wonderful Morgan family who let us invade their home and take over their van for a day as we drove all over creation. This is also when we fell in love with GPS, or else we might still be lost.

Next was the race. We made it to Woodstock, with its small town feel and plethora of little tie dye shops. At the starting line we met the other half of our team, a bunch of really neat people who hailed from all over: New Jersey, England, Texas, and Los Angeles.

Here's the required team pic.

Trust me when I say both halves of the team were relieved that the other half was normal. Because there were several other teams there that were a whole lot more...colorful.

You can see our intrepid team captain in the center, with the number 4. You may also notice some of the more colorful runners, like 136 on the left sporting a fedex box on his head, or 167 on the right with yellow tights and a mask, or the guy in the grass skirt next to him.

This is just a random photo that serves as a great case for not taking pictures inside a neon orange tent.

This is also a great place to end this post so it doesn't get too long.

Stay tuned for the next installment of the 3 part series of "Our New York Trip." Next will be Part 2, or "The State of New York Really Needs to Get a Clue on Street Signs."


Lori-ann said...

Jaime, you are such a talented writer! I was chuckling the entire way through this post. So far it looks like it was a wonderful trip, full of sighing and colorful sites.

Theler said...

Looks like you had a great time! That house is pretty sweet!

jaredandgina said...

We drove through woodstock the other day! Too bad your race was right before we got here!

Grandma Carolyn said...

It was great to see our old home. I can't believe how big all of the landscaping has gotten - way smaller when we were there. It was great you were able to visit with Walker - do you have any pictures of his family?