Saturday, September 4, 2010

New York trip, Part 2

(alternate title) The State of New York Needs to Get a Clue on Street Signs

After starting off in Woodstock it was time for us to follow the race directions through the backwoods of upstate New York to where we would exchange with the first van and start our runs. We had an iPhone with GPS, we had our course directions, so we were good to go. Or so we thought.

The first turn out of Woodstock is when we realized that New York needed some help with their street signs. The directions read like this:

Depart exchange going south on CR-27A/CR-33. Ummm, how exactly is one street two separate County Roads?

Or maybe Turn right onto SR 212/Tinker Street. State road number and street name. Got it. Except the street sign to this particular road didn't read EITHER SR 212 or Tinker Street.

Then there was our favorite like Turn left onto CR-40/SR-28/Wittenburg Road. Yep, you've got it: 3 different street names for the same street. Aaaand usually none of them were on an actual sign that might just help 6 people from across the country navigate their way.

By the time we reached the first major exchange, we were all quite put out at New York streets. I guess they just gave up after labeling streets in New York City and decided to let the rest of the state fend for itself. But we made it, eventually, to the Mountain Valley Resort. And we know it was a resort because the sign said so.

(These photos have not been doctored in any way. I swear.)

Here's the obligatory "Awww, aren't we cute standing together in the New York Catskills?" picture.

Jason was first up in our van, and he was raring to go. (As you can see.)

As were these guys.

This girl (nicknamed Rainbow Brite) became the nemesis of one of our team members. At times it was his vow to never get passed by Rainbow Brite that kept him going.

Jason had a beautiful run, and he started off strong...

Then progressed to "Holy Crap it's freaking hot out here and the humidity is killer!"

Don't worry, dear teammate, we shall cheer you on from our air conditioned Secret Service Suburban.
We shall cheer you constantly, we shall remain vigilant and offer you plenty of fluids, we shall not rest-- Oh, look! The most picturesque cemetery we've ever seen! We must run across the meadow and take pictures.

Oops, there goes Jason while we gawked. Back to the car!

Jason made it, declared that it had been no fun, and then showed off his new blisters. (Don't worry, we will have pictures in a later post.) He took advantage of a nearby stream to cool off his newly-blistered feet.

The others all ran their first legs (we'll skim past them, because it's not their blogs) until it was my turn and due to construction and a detour, we almost didn't make it in time. But I threw on my stuff and was outta there.

I wish I could claim sleep deprivation at this point, but I have to be honest; it was plain silliness.

And apparently it was catching.

Whew! 1/3 of the way done.

Now to find some food in the town of New Palz, where several restaurants informed us they were out of food (Yikes!) and I felt left out because I didn't have dreadlocks. (Yes, there were that many people with dreadlocks.)

Well, that's enough for this post. Soon I'll put up Part 3 of our NY trip. (Isn't it just like sitting through your neighbor's vacation slides? No, you can't leave yet. *locking and barring the door*)